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Azode Jaden Ifeadigo
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Azode Jaden Ifeadigo

Age: 9 Months

Stage One: xxx votes

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"The mind of every child is like a clean slate at birth. I believe in the slogan ' catch them Young'. Therefore, I believe my child has all it takes to win this competition because he is very energetic, smart, observant, intelligent, curious and above all young, which is why this platform and all its agenda is the right exposure to the young mind of my child ( Azode Jaden ifeadigo) to groom him to have a better awareness of the world around him. Thanks for the opportunity."

You can contact with us via whatsapp, by clicking on the Whatsapp icon below. EACH VOTE COST N50.

C.K.N Brand Ambassador
Receives Branded Shirt

Precious had an interview with an Andern Representative and they Spoke about the Stage One requirements also she got an Andern Branded Shirt. Awesome !!!. 😃

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Azode Jaden Ifeadigo

9 Months
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