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Okeleye Salem
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Okeleye Salem

Age: 4 Months

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"Love, beauty and strength are the key words to describing Salem Okeleye. Salem Okeleye is one of the cutest, strongest, most handsome and happiest babies in the world that I strongly admire. This is not just because I happen to be his mother but as one who has also been present in every phase of his growth before and since birth. His gestation was spectacular and his birth was axtra ordinary so much that he decided to come through a normal delivery despite the fact that he weighed 4.5kg at birth. He has shown strength,love and sound qualities right from birth. His beautiful smooth skin, his strength, his love to everyone around him as well as his fair tone which beats that of any African child are some of the amazing features that stands him out in this competition. As an exclusively breastfed baby, his healthy features and cuteness have proven the importance of breastmilk in a child's growth and all round development. This speaks for itself by merely seeing and carrying him. He plays well with everyone around him. The joy and happiness that emanates from Salem is palpable. No wonder his growth has been a topic of admiration for waiting and expecting mother's and mothers-to-be. The love and support he's got through Winning this competition will help to build boldness, courage, self confidence, and other essential leadership skills that would stay with him till forever. More so, being an ambassador for Andern will not only put him on the spotlight, but will help to become an ambassador of cuteness, beauty, strength,love,joy that every mother and father desires their child to be. I believe what is celebrated is appreciated,valued, and honoured. I believe this competition has helped me to celebrate this bundle of joy and winning this competition will mean the world to celebrate the qualities and uniqueness of this happy and admired child whom I am proud to be his mother. This will give every mother the courage to celebrate and appreciate their children whether black, white, fair, dark .Thank you"

You can contact with us via whatsapp, by clicking on the Whatsapp icon below. EACH VOTE COST N50.

C.K.N Brand Ambassador
Receives Branded Shirt

Precious had an interview with an Andern Representative and they Spoke about the Stage One requirements also she got an Andern Branded Shirt. Awesome !!!. 😃

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Okeleye Salem

4 Months
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