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Cute n' Cuddly

is an online competition that is open to Children from Ages 0 – 8 years old, living within and outside Nigeria.

The "Cutest Kid Naija" Brand

is a platform to showcase talent, fashion and influence of a Child. The Brand supports young dreams and aspirations and also advocates against Child poverty and child abuse.

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The Most Cute n' Cuddly Baby

will be the of the "Cutest Kid Naija" brand for 1 year and apart from the cash prize, will be the Kid Ambassador of the Brand on one of their major projects for this year.

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Despite the voting and the interest in the grand prize, one thing stands out, the ability to recognize the Celebrity in one’s Child and the desire to make it happen.
This contest is being organized by Cutest Kid Naija, is an Online Kids Magazine that is situated in the City of Abuja.